How to Watch Hamilton on Disney+

If you think that you cannot watch Hamilton without going to the theater then it’s time to celebrate your Disney Plus subscription. 

By subscribing to Disney Plus, you can watch Hamilton and I will mention how you can do that later in this blog. But, before explaining to you how to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus, First let me give you some highlights on Hamilton. 

Why is Hamilton worth-watching? 

It’s no surprise that Hamilton has been the most expensive ticket so far and therefore, it’s worth giving a try. If it’s higher price is not the only reason to motivate you to watch it then let me tell you that Hamilton is one-of-a-kind musical that perfectly portrays a historical show. The hip-hop music is creatively describing the life story of Alexander Hamilton. 

The way of representation is surely a treat for art and music lovers. It’s no wrong to say that it’s a perfect combination of art, music, and history and you won’t find this kind of musical theater anytime soon. 

In short, if you’re willing to know the life journey of Alexander Hamilton in a musical way then Hamilton should be your thing. 

Why should you watch Hamilton on Disney Plus? 

The movie version of Hamilton was all set to roll out in theaters in October 2021. However, due to the pandemic crisis it was shifted to the online Disney Plus show which you can also enjoy in countries like Australia by connecting to the Australia VPN

There are still no confirmed dates for the release of the Broadway movie, hence, the best and the only way to watch Hamilton is on Disney Plus.  

Moreover, watching live Hamilton performance is quite expensive since its tickets estimated starting range is somewhere around $149 whereas, watching Hamilton on Disney Plus is far more reasonable. 

How much do I need to pay to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus?

To watch Hamilton on Disney Plus, you need to buy a Disney Plus subscription. The best thing about buying a Disney Plus subscription is that you can cancel it whenever you want to. 

Moreover, you can select from the three available Disney Plus subscription which are as follows: 

Monthly subscription $6.99/month 
Annual subscription $70/year , $5.83/month 
Disney+/Hulu/ESPN Bundle Subscription $12.99/month

How to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus? 

You can easily watch Hamilton on Disney Plus if you’re already having a Disney Plus account. In case, if you haven’t subscribed then it’s your time to get the Disney Plus subscription. Once you’ve got your Disney+ account then you can easily search Hamilton where you find a search bar or magnifying icon. The timing schedule of Hamilton on Disney Plus is 3 a.m. EST, midnight. Note: The timing schedule is released by the maker of Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda in a tweet.  

How to watch Hamilton with no access to Disney Plus? 

If Disney Plus is not accessible in your country, you can still watch Hamilton. Subscribe to a VPN of your choice, select USA as your server location and launch Disney+. 

When your connection gets established, you can open Disney Plus, search Hamilton and watch the way you want. Here’s how to connect to the VPN to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus: 

  • Subscribe to a VPN service 
  • Install the VPN app 
  • Login through credentials 
  • Select server location 
  • Wait for the connection 
  • Open Disney Plus 
  • Find and watch Hamilton. 

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