How Facial Recognition Works? Top Trends to Look for

Top Trends in Facial Recognition to Expect in Near Future 

In facial recognition, the identity of a person is verified or identified with their face as it compares, analyzes, and captures patterns on the basis of facial structure of a person. It is a very vital step to locate and detect human faces in videos and images. Vehant Technologies has also developed facial recognition for AI cameras. The face is transformed in a set of data on the basis of facial features. Then, faces are matched to figure out if they belong to one person. 

Why Facial Recognition? 

Facial biometrics keeps on being the first choice for biometric benchmarks. It is easy to implement and deploy. The end user doesn’t have to interact personally. In addition, the process is very fast to detect and match the faces. 

Leading Technologies used in Facial Recognition 

A lot of companies are leading on the top spot in order to bring biometric innovation. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are the top competitors. All the web giants showcase their theories in AI, face detection, and image recognition to improve our understanding in a better way. 

Learning to adopt deep learning processes 

Artificial Intelligence is the most common feature in all the advanced technologies and deep learning is the process of learning from data by the system. It is a central part of the latest algorithms by several leading players in the market. It is well regarded for face tracking, face detection, and face match. These systems are more improved over time. 

Key Markets will emerge for Facial Recognition 

According to a 2019 study, the international market of facial recognition would account to over $7 billion by 2024, with CAGR of 16% from 2019. Surveillance in several applications in the public sector and various market segments are the major drivers behind this growth. Some of the leading facial recognition vendors are Aware, Accenture, Thales, Fulcrum Biometrics, Certibio, Fujitsu, and others. 

Recognizing new users

The US offers the leading market for opportunities in facial recognition and the fastest growth has been seen in Asia Pacific where India and China are the leaders. 

In China, facial recognition is the new technology and banks, police and airports are eventually adopting it. Authorities are focusing to advance the program of facial detection sunglasses. Police are going to use them in Beijing outskirts. China is also going to excel in video surveillance across the nation. At the end of 2018, more than 200 million CCTV cameras were installed and they are expecting to grow it by 626 million by this year’s end. A lot of provinces like Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen and Ji’nan are the leaders. The Guardian has ranked Atlanta at #10 and London at #6. 

Chinese police departments are also collaborating with AI companies like SenseTime, Yitu, and CloudWalk. The company is aimed to be the leader in AI by the year 2030. It offers superior protection of biometric data and boosts the access of government to private data. 

During the Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, facial recognition will be the hot topic, which is delayed to September 2021. This technology will allow access and identify authorized persons automatically to improve their safety and experience. Facial recognition is going through trials in Sydney at airports to improve security of the people in a safer and faster way. 

Aadhar stands as the biggest biometric database worldwide in India. It provides a unique id digitally to over 1.26 billion users. The concerned authority UIDAI has made it possible. Face recognition will serve as an add-on with other authentication mediums like Iris, fingerprint and OTP. 

India might also introduce the most extensive facial recognition program in the world in 2020. The RFB bids are issued by the NCRB to develop the facial recognition system across the nation. It will be a centralized application hosted at the data center of NCRB in Delhi. All police stations will be able to access the same. It will easily recognize people from images and footage from CCTV. It will be very helpful for the police to find the people missing, identify dead bodies, and catch the crooks.

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