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How Explainer Videos Can Help Your Small Business Increase Conversion Rate

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One of the small business struggles is having a limited budget for their marketing campaign, as it can be super expensive for 1-minute ads at a prime-time on TV. However, the world is changing where people stop watching on TV – kind of, and move on to streaming media.

People like to spend their leisure time on social media where any information is delivered faster. It gives them the freedom to search for certain topics in seconds. This change, however, has started a different way for companies to promote their brands.

It is through a social media campaign.

Turns out, this new landscape can be both challenging and disruptive at the same time. Social media gives an excessive amount of information in a minute. Trends are changing every day and things can be quickly outdated.

Then, people tend to forget the previous things they read as they jump on to the next tab. They also don’t bother to read the whole context of information… because that’s boring and we want to know whatever next quickly!

With that in mind, how can a small business survive in this challenging landscape?

Answer: update your marketing campaign

Sounds good. But, how?

If people easily forget textual information, then add pictures on it – but, it isn’t enough yet! Pictures are everywhere and your audiences still need to read the whole thing. They want something to listen to and watch just like a movie. People love it, don’t they?

That’s where explainer videos come in as the solution for your small business.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Explainer video is one of the video types where stories are crafted to get your words out. It is the best way to deliver your message simply and interestingly. It is also affordable for small companies with tight budgets.

You can explore many things to convey your brands to a broader audience as explainer videos come in different types like whiteboard animation, motion graphic, live action, and animated videos.

What makes explainer video a powerful tool in your marketing strategy is that it can skyrocket your conversion rates in no time. According to the expert roundup we just published, professional marketers and web agencies rely on this engaging content to improve their sales and close more deals.

To help you understand what explainer videos bring to your table, here are five things how your small business can benefit from it:

#1. Capture Audience Attention Faster

Compared to the traditional marketing campaign, an explainer video can give your small business the attention it deserves. The combination of visual and sound stimulate the brain to process rather quickly than a plain text.

People just don’t read web pages, they scan word by word and find specific keywords instead.

If your small business just starts to embark, do not provide a long text-heavy page that introduces who you are and what you do. Instead, compel your data into one video that conveys everything you want to deliver.

You can also add some animations to it. The addition of compelling animation and fresh voice over is hypnotizing in a sense of getting the audience more engaged in it. It won’t feel like boring ads in old newspapers because your audiences enjoy it during the process and they will most likely absorb the message behind it better.

#2. Convey Messages in the Easiest Way

If you have the option to get information delivered in a single video and 1,500 words text, which one will you choose? I bet you straight forward say the first one. Why? Are we all too lazy to read?

Well, most likely yes.

We don’t want to spend 1,500 words on a page if we can watch a 2-minute video that delivers the same message. It’s not that we are busy enough, we just tend to choose the quickest option available.

Besides, an explainer video gives a clear and concise message, and prevents your audience from interpreting different things if they read on a bulky text. This way your words can be delivered without getting misconception.

There is another challenge of the social media world, people only retain very small information in their brain despite the excess amount they get. It can be tricky not to get scrolled away though. In this case, a full-text message won’t ever get their attention, but a stunning explainer video will.

Therefore, producing an explainer video is advantageous for your small business to survive the competition.

#3. Boost Your SEO

If you are a small business owner, chances are your website is dull and quiet as a graveyard, oops. It is hard to get your page ranked on the first page of Google search engine results, I tell you.

You have dedicated your time to work it up with so many interesting articles and great UI only to find nobody visits your website.

You know what? There is one thing you miss that will boost up your SEO.

An embedded video.

Sure, you might write an exceptional article that gives readers the information they need but, it’s just bulky text with one image on it. However, little did you know people spend less than a minute on your page resulting in a high bounce rate and that is a disaster!

An explainer video will help your visitor stay longer on your website because it gives something more and different. Visitors might just want to look for  certain information on your site but end up feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content. This video, however, can deliver the information in an incredibly short time.

What’s next then? If the video succeeds to grab their attention, they might spend a long time collecting information on your website.

#4. More Engagement

Now that you know a video can grab the audience’s attention, it is then a matter of time whether they stick to the end. It is important to understand if your content matches the audience you approach because a seemingly click-bait content won’t generate further engagement if the viewer stops watching in the middle of the video.

On the other hand, if you have the exact recipe to produce a video that meets your audiences’ preferences, it is more likely they share it on their social media. This way, more people will know more about your brands through the shared video.

The more people aware of your brands and the more they share it, the higher your chance to  get an increased conversion rate in no time. Voila! You caught two fish with one worm.

#5. Build Customer Trust

You can use an explainer video to showcase your company culture, brands’ value, and how they bring joy to a broader audience. This way, you can also build solid emotional relationships with customers without getting in touch directly with them.

In the newest Nike ads, Mamba Forever in commemorating Kobe Bryant has garnered 32 million views in 3 weeks. It’s still a huge number for big companies like Nike. However, we can learn that Nike has been a great companion for Bryant since 2003 – with Bryant becoming one of the most respected figures for the Black community.

Nike is also well-known for its powerful storytelling on each ad that people are thrilled to buy the minutes it releases.

An explainer video is a good start for your small business to build customer trust. It provides a sense of connection with your customers the way the previous successful company does.

Closing Thoughts

If you come to this page, great! That means you want to level up your small business. You also have come to find that there is a way to increase the conversion rate without spending million dollars on a single campaign. Explainer videos are way affordable for a small business owner like you. 

Now that you know how an explainer video can help your small business elevate conversion rate, you can start producing one by simply understanding your audiences and what you can bring value for them. Try crafting your brands’ originality and focusing more on the message you want to deliver.

Remember how tight today’s competition is? The presence of social media is making it harder. Companies try their best to grab as many audiences as they can. Many marketing strategies have been poured to win this race because you can either get benefited or disrupted from it.

However, that doesn’t change the fact that a great possibility to win is there for us. You just need to learn how it works.

Many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accentuate pictures and videos to share information. It gets spread easily compared to traditional marketing strategy like an article. It concludes how a greater audience prefers watching to reading. Besides, these platforms aren’t going everywhere anytime soon. Highly-engaging video types like explainer video will always be one of the top solutions to bring out more conversion rates.

An explainer video can work it out – as it is clear, concise, and it has pictures and music on it. This finding leads digital marketers to opt using video to promote their brands because it works effectively!

Lastly, you now understand how powerful explainer videos can be. It is time for you to search for explainer video production companies out there. They will help you get your words out with their creativity. Good luck!


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: [email protected] LinkedIn:

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