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5 Best Ways to Increase Durability of your Lipstick Boxes

The expansion of the cosmetics industry presents manufacturers with entirely new problems. In addition to the manufacture of their products, they must also concentrate on packaging such as lipstick boxes in order to gain an edge over the competition. While marketing and promotion through packaging are important, the primary objective of the boxes always remains the protection of the product. For the sake of promotion, the use of tailor-made packaging is indispensable, as they can be printed in the desired colors, styles, and designs through their use. In order to increase strength, packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for ways and techniques to ensure the ultimate protection of the product, including both protection from physical stress and environmental degradation such as UV rays, etc., to balance both aspects of marketing, otherwise, major effects are expected.

Improving the durability of lipstick boxes is necessary, but achieving this is a fairly difficult task, and requires a lot of thought before it is achieved. This durability must be achieved, but not at the expense of appearance. Therefore, a considerable effort must be made to develop a durable design. Let us discuss some ways by which such designs can be manufactured.

Rigid Packaging

The first step towards stronger packaging is the use of stronger materials. Manufacturers often neglect the material of the packaging and choose inferior materials that cost little. However, these materials are detrimental to the safety of the product. Lipsticks are generally an elegant and sensitive product; they can break if the box in which they are placed is weak. Since many custom lipstick boxes placed on the shelves and aisles of retail outlets are not handled with care, there is a high risk that these boxes, and therefore the contents inside, will be damaged. In order to prevent this from happening, rigid packaging must be used. These boxes are considerably more stable than normal boxes and keep in shape even under heavy physical pressure. In addition, their protection is also recognised by the fact that they often have double layers on the inside, which ensure that the product is not damaged even in the worst case.

Contrary to popular belief, however, these boxes are strong, but not unappealing and visually unpleasant. They are more aesthetic and high quality than normal boxes and they are likely to make the customer perceive the product as high quality. This perception can be asserted in the form of monetary advantages, as a higher price can be charged. Moreover, the attraction of customers to these boxes, while they are on display among competitors is higher, which gives the company an advantage.

Sleeve Boxes

Regardless of how tough the material used is, there is still the possibility that a box can give up under extreme pressure, which means that at least a double protective layer should be present. This double protection is not ensured by any packaging design, but by sleeve boxes. These packages come in a double layer. The top one is a mere slider that covers the actual box in which the product is located. The primary box is usually made of strong materials such as paperboard, which guarantees even the highest standards of protection, but safety is increased by the sliding board, which, like the box, is quite strong.

The possibility of obtaining individually printed lipstick boxes means that sleeve boxes can be printed according to the requirements of the company. It is also possible to mention all information such as instructions for use, ingredients, approvals for medical laboratories, etc., which guarantee the quality of the product. In addition, it is also possible to print logos and slogans and use the desired colors. Thus, with this box, the best protection, and the most beautiful appearance can be obtained at the same time.

Protective Labels

Physical deterioration is not the only factor that makes the packaging less durable. In fact, the product can also be damaged by natural agents such as UV rays and water. To ensure that such factors do not damage the product, labels such as waterproof labels can be indispensable. These labels are provided with a special sealing layer, which prevents water from damaging the box. A further improvement in protection features can be done by using weatherproof labels, which protect against both water and strong sunlight. What makes them even more attractive is the fact that these labels, like custom lipstick boxes, can also be customized, enabling branding.

Airtight Design

Humidity and moisture can affect the results of a lipstick, so this aspect of the packaging must also be taken into account. Airtight packaging should be used. This humidity can be ensured by designs that do not allow moisture or air to enter the interior. The flaps and panels should cover all gaps, and all openings such as windows should be covered with clear plastic sheets. This thorough cover not only protects the product from deterioration such as moisture, but also from physical vibrations and pressures. Packaging such as lipstick boxes must be made airtight in order to keep the product for a long period of time.

Strong Adhesives

These adhesives must be strong to hold the packages together for a long time. Strong tapes and adhesives must be used to keep the packaging in shape. Even when heavy lipsticks are placed in the box, no damage is caused. This improves the durability of the box.

All of the above are crucial for improving the endurance of the packaging. Boxes with such properties can be obtained in large quantities from lipstick wholesalers, so availability is not a problem. Also, they are not very expensive, as there are also discounted lipstick boxes from packaging providers. This means that extremely durable boxes are easy and inexpensive to obtain and therefore have to be used.

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