TechPally 5 Tips for Getting Mentions on Social Media

Social media is not meant for getting connected to friends and family any longer, it’s now a marketing network. 

The author Amy Jo Martin has already done well with her statement: “It’s about dialogues, not monologues – some people don’t understand that. Social media is more like a phone, not a TV. 

With social networks like facebook, twitter, YouTube, instagram, LinkedIn and others, you can reach out to your target audience across the globe.

While it’s important as a business owner to promote your brand and businesses on social networks, you should not overdo it. 

Post informational messages also, so you don’t irritate your followers 

This also applies to small or big businesses and agencies. These often mainly publish their own content and thus take the opportunity to interact with partners, influencers and employees.

An example from our social media study at Techpally, the relationship between your own and curated content is only good on Facebook and Twitter.

What is actually ‘Mention’ on Social Media 

A look at our own statistics shows that there are definitely differences between tweets with @mention and ordinary tweets.

Posts with a mention get 55% more attention. This is proof that an @mention on social media really makes a difference!

But what does mention mean? According to Duden , it means “to name something, to speak briefly of something”. 

Social media means including the usernames of people, companies or brands (with the @ symbol as the first character and the name of the person or company added). 

The mention can be used on several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest , Quora and Twitter.

In this way, the user receives a notification and can start the conversation.

In order to increase your social media engagement, we will show you 5 ways below how you can better integrate an @mention into your daily social media activities. 

So you can pay more attention to your fans, followers and others. 

1) Start a conversation

In the words of Amy Jo Martin: let’s get into dialogue! Ask someone a specific question. 

Mention a person or company in a discussion. They also benefit from this and can show their expertise. 

Include someone in a comment to get the person or company’s attention.

Tip: What’s the best way to use @mention on Twitter? Put a “.” In front of the @ symbol (e.g. “. @bob_chaktty”) so that all your followers and the entire Twitter community can see the tweet.

If you only want to reply to one post or if you want to keep it more private, you don’t have to put the point.

2) Cite your Sources

Writing your own content is great, but it takes a lot of time and resources. Curation is a great alternative to providing your target audience with valuable knowledge. 

There’s no crime in using another man’s contents, you just have to reference the content originator. 

Republishing another content that’s not yours also means you’re vast about happenings in your industry.

In this way, you provide insights into your thoughts on a particular topic. You can position yourself with your knowledge.

In order to increase the credibility of your information, use a mention for the contribution. 

This gives the reader the opportunity to see the source of the information and to discuss the message of the article with you.

3) Thank Your Followers

A trend on Twitter from 2009 – Micah Baldwin created #FollowFriday, or #FF for short.

Every Friday, recommend someone who you think should be seen and heard. 

In this way, the users mentioned reach more followers. We at webZunder regularly use this hashtag on Twitter.

You can thank your new followers – this is common practice on Twitter. But who says it doesn’t work on Instagram

Another idea: Thank other users who shared your post.

Another idea: why not also mention why others should follow this Twitter user!

4) Mention People in a Photo

People love to see photos of themselves – how about a team photo, a snapshot at an event or during other professional activities?

It shows your human side – it creates more interactions.

There are a few technical limitations if you want to mention people. You should consider:

Twitter : Only up to 10 people (in one photo) can be mentioned here.

Facebook: When you post on your personal profile, you can mention both people and brands.

 As a company (via your company profile), only one page can be mentioned for privacy reasons .

LinkedIn: You can only mention people from your own network, not people who are not connected to your network.

We could not find any restrictions on @mention for Instagram, Pinterest and Quora.

Tip: Don’t use too many @mentions in your posts if you don’t want to be perceived as “spammy”

5) Let Customers Speak for Themselves

During my research, I discovered this brilliant idea of social media online classes where testimonials support the company’s credibility and give out some karma points.

Manuel has already talked about us on the internet, we will expand that even further in the future!


There are so many ways to interact through social media mentions. 

How have you used mentions so far and what were the results? What would you add to the list? 

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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