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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Products, Startup Creates Attractive Products to Attract Customers

The hottest topic of the century is AI, Artificial intelligence. People are confused about the word and what it really means. Many people assume AI as some supernatural power that would make humans slaves of robots. Actually, AI is defined as the ability of a computer to think and act like a human in all cognitive ways. It should be able to make decisions on the basis of data it gets as an input. Machine learning is the biggest root of AI. Machine learning is basically the usage of a huge amount of data to predict some actions and occasions. If we take an example of Google for an instance. Google uses Machine learning to predict our research when we start typing in the search bar, same is the case with Netflix when it shows us a prediction on the basis of what we previously watched. That is basically AI using our data to predict our behaviors and our likeness. We would not go deep into the basic working of an AI in this topic because in this particular topic we are going to discuss the startups that are using AI and generating products that no one ever thought were possible. AI is changing the way things were done in the past and it will continue to develop and make our lives better and easy. AI has been used in manufacturing, AI in marketing, AI in healthcare, and many more sectors. 

1. Tesla Auto drive mode

When it comes to AI, the biggest change a sector has seen is in the Automobile sector. Companies are using machine learning in different ways in the cars but this auto-driving car changed the future of this industry. Tesla using AI to detect the road, objects, and analyzing all the gathered data in a very short period of time to make a decision and with such precision is really remarkable. And this will change the future of the Cab industry, Courier delivery industry, and home delivery of food restaurants with discounts. These autonomous cars with the usage of AI in marketing would take over the world in the near future.

2. Photonic 

As we are discussing some new startups that are using AI technology to give products to the humans that they so long desired. Many households are worried because of their maids not coming on time and stealing things from the house. But this company tried to solve that problem once and for all. Photonic is applying artificial intelligence to products, Startup creates attractive products to attract customers. A company making industrial robots that can clean and pick up the objects scattered around very easily. It can detect and differentiate the objects and using it large fed data it can detect what to pick and where they should be placed. Industrially it has great scope because there are many accidents happing in the big industries where a lot of raw material is used and there are not enough workers for cleaning the place. Industrial robots can help such organizations and if someone can afford AI applications. They can buy it from various websites with a discount rate.

3. Bit brain

Bit brain is a teach lab that is Applying artificial intelligence to products, Startup creates attractive products to attract customers using AI and hardware to develop something extraordinary. It can detect human brain activities and the cognitive functions of the human brains. It has a big scope for the future of AI because it will provide developers of AI with the cognitive functional knowledge of human brains to replicate its functions. It would be the greatest innovation and progress in the history of Neuroscience. 

4. Ainno tech

Another tech company that is using AI in healthcare to make an instrument that can detect brain cancer and operate it with the latest machinery without the help of the human hand. Humans can commit errors at such a crucial stage where a single mistake can cost someone their life. A machine performing an operation for humans with all the data and learning it has from the internet and from the source of different hospitals. The AI system is underdeveloped.

5. Ai-TradeX

A trading company that is Applying artificial intelligence to products, Startup creates attractive products to attract customers using the AI system to detect the perfect opportunity to invest in the stocks to get a maximum return at the lowest risk. The AI would use AI applications, algorithms, machine learning, and all the basics of AI to make decisions about the stock market ups and downs and it would indicate the perfect stock for the investors to increase their wealth. From past century humans have been doing this job as a broker thousands of humans are working in different countries but with such technology coming into the light, there are chances that they would have to find another profession.

Ai would be able to produce more accurate results than humans as humans lack the processing of knowledge at such a huge scale and most humans use assumptions and simple logical methods. But AI would perform thousands of algorithms, previous cases, and all the respective data in minutes to give a solid result that can be trusted with 90% accuracy.

Along with these many companies have adopted AI to enhance their performance. The hiring of AI developers and specialists has been increased over the past 4 years. This process of continuous improvement will take this artificial development to a level where it will be able to perform better than humans and technology changes will boost after that with double pace.  The technology will some invention that humans haven’t still imagined and Ai can take humans ahead in future technology 100 years in just 5-10 years. Human race will make their equal or might be better than themselves in near future.  

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