What is a Guest Post?

What is Guest Post?

“Guest Post” is the practice of making a blog post for another person’s blog. It is a great way to build authority, quality links, exposure, and relationship. Everyone with a blog knows that the links are an essential factor for improving search engine rankings. Through guest posts, you have the opportunity to secure a link from another website. Furthermore, it provides a chance to market your product or services.

With guest blogging, you can build a relationship with the bloggers in your niche. You can tap into their audience to get additional exposure, which can help build your audience.

The concept of guest blogging is straightforward. You just need to write a blog for a website according to their requirements, and you will get a link back to your site. Most of the time, people get a link from the bottom of the article, which is called Author Box.

Every blogger is looking for high-quality content for their readers. It is essential to stay engaged with the readers. That is why; guest blogging is a win-win solution for both bloggers. One of them wants to boost rankings in the search engine, and others wish to high-quality content for its readers.

Paid Vs. Unpaid Guest Post

Paid or Unpaid Guest Post

Some blogs charge nothing to publish your piece on their website. On the other hand, some blogs charge money to publish your blog post. Furthermore, some sites pay guest writers for their contributions. It is challenging to get your piece to publish on unpaid guest post websites. Most of these websites do not have enough authority.

Some unpaid guest post sites have high authority, but it is difficult to contact them.

How Guest Post Can Help Boost Your Business

Guest Post Can Boost Business

The guest post can do help grow your business if you do it the right way. First of all, you need to find the list of websites in your niche that allows guest posts. For example, if you are selling kids’ toys online, you need to find bloggers that write about kid toys. Second, you need to make sure that they have enough authority and daily visitors. Without visitors, there is no point in writing for the blog.

Importance in SEO

Importance IN SEO

We mentioned above that links are an essential factor in boosting your search engine rankings. However, links must come from an authority website. That is why; many large businesses are still publishing guest posts on other blogger’s sites in their niche.

One link from a trusted site is ten times powerful than multiple links from low authority websites. Guest post is one of the best link building strategy. You need to make sure that the site has a high level of online traffic if you want to increase your company’s growth rate.

How to Submit A Guest Post?

Guest Post Submission

There are multiple ways of submitting a guest post. Most of the websites have a “write for us” page on their website. If not! Then you can contact them from the “Contact Us” page. Read through the blog and see what they are writing about. Do your research and pitch them with an idea. It is a lengthy process, so take your time, but it has excellent results in the long run.

Follow or No-Follow

Follow Vs. No Follow Back-Link

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that the link you are getting from the website should be do-follow. Some sites allow guest posts with a no-follow link. So, you need to make sure in advance, you can still get exposure to these links, but you will not get any SEO benefits.

You also need to keep an eye on your backlink profile. It should have a mix of do-follow and no-follow links. But if you are taking the time to write for someone, then the link should pass authority to your website.

Anchor Text and Anchor Link

Anchor text is a clickable text; it is essential to choose an anchor text relevant to the page you are linking to. Have you seen a blue, underlined anchor text on the websites? Well, you can change the color, but the blue is a web standard. The keyword that you are going to use is an essential signal for the search engine to determine the topic of the website. You should choose an anchor text while publishing a guest post that is relevant to your site.

Authority Link in the Guest Post

While submitting a guest post, it is better to add links to other authority websites in the article. Most people use only their links, which is not good practice. Instead, add links to other authority websites to make it more natural. It is also essential to save your sites from getting penalized.

Quality of The Content

Guest blogging websites have guidelines that you need to follow. These guidelines will explain everything about the type of content they want from you. Write a high-quality blog post following these guidelines. If your content is not good enough, then they will not publish it on their website. Keep in mind that they are offering a guest post to get some high-quality content. If yours not, then they will reject it.

Add Images in Your Article

Also, add relevant images in your article, which is also useful for SEO purposes. Many bloggers like to add their pictures, but it is better to provide pictures with the article. It can also increase the chances of getting published on the website.

Selecting A Niche

You need to find bloggers that are working in your niche. Links from irrelevant websites are not going to help in boosting your rankings. That is why; you need to select a niche and then start searching relevant blogs that allow the guest post.

Selecting Website

Make a list of all the websites that allow guest posts in your niche. Now’s the time to filter the spammy websites and those who do not have any authority. You need to use tools to find their metrics such as traffic, DA, DR, etc. Select websites that have DA higher than 40 for guest posting. You also need to check the spam score of the website. If you are getting a link from one of them, there is a risk of getting penalized from the search engines.

Essential Quality Metrics for Evaluating A Website

There are the following metrics to check:

Domain Authority (DA)

Domain authority by Moz is a composite score of a site’s quality. It ranges from 0 to 100, higher the number, higher the authority of a website. This metric is calculated by combining all the Moz’s metrics into a single score, including referring domains, total links, etc. DA means the strength of the entire website, and PA (Page Authority) implies the strength of a specific page within a website.

To measure the authority, you can use MozBar or Open site explorer. We will recommend you target sites that have a minimum of 40 DA.

Unique Referring Domains

Another important metric is “Unique referring domains” that are also provided by MOZ. It is an indication of how much links the website is getting from unique websites. Or you can say how much individual domains are linking to your site? The higher the number, the strong link profile your site has.

However, the quantity of the referring domains cannot help determine the quality of the domains. One link from high-quality publishes such as Huffington Post, Forbes, and Inc.com has more authority than ten links from small publishers.

Alexa Score

Alexa score is a metric that is based on the online traffic on your website. However, it does not provide any traffic figures for smaller and newer sites. It can just give you an idea about the traffic a website is receiving.

A website with a lower number of Alexa score is better. For example, if a website is ranking in the top 1000 sites, then it has substantial traffic and extremely popular.


Another thing to focus on is the relevance of a link to your niche. Hence, it is essential to consider it due to how much time you are going to spend on guest posting. While evaluating a website, you need to make sure that the link you are getting is from a relevant niche. Factors that help correlated relevancy include:

  • Meta Tags
  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • User Intent
  • Content-Type Classifications
  • Localization


Earlier, we have discussed how to estimate the traffic of a website Using Alexa Score. The second important thing is to evaluate the quality of the traffic. Does the site have ideal customers? How many of them are engaged and how often they share content with others?


Guest blogging is undoubtedly one of the best strategies to connect with other websites in your niche. To avoid any penalty from the search engines, you should have a strategy to evaluate each site before reaching out. The goal of guest posting is not just to build links but to reach new customers, build reputation, credibility, brand awareness, loyalty, and to increase conversion rates.


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