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How to Write Guest Posts That Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you writing guest posts?

I see this problem too often when I consult several companies and bloggers. They don’t use guest posts as a lead generation strategy because they don’t see the benefits.

No one wants to waste time creating content and blogs for other websites. These bloggers prefer to devote more effort to blog on their sites.

If this sounds like your state of mind, you are missing a great chance.

When it comes to Guest posts, these are one of my personal favourites ways to drive more traffic to a website. I use this strategy very often.

If you think that guest posts will not benefit your business or your website, this here is the perfect guide. All of those guys who want to start this but don’t know how it is done and how to turn the favour in your luck, here you go

As an experienced guest blogger, I can explain everything you need to know about it to increase traffic to your website. Let’s dive in.

Write for websites related to your brand.

If you’ve been writing guest articles for a while but haven’t seen an increase in website traffic, you can re-evaluate the websites you write for.

It would be best if you thought or question yourself.

Is this website linked to my brand?

Do not mistake yourself. There is undoubtedly room for manoeuvre and flexibility in answering this question.

I have several companies; although they are all different, they all focus mainly on helping brands in their online marketing, lead generation, and site traffic.

Access credible blogs

Don’t sit back and wait for people to contact you to write guest articles for your websites.

Unless you have a popular website, name, reputation, and brand, this is unlikely to happen. You have to be proactive and find sites by yourself.

But it is to make sure that these potential blogs contain elements that add credibility to the website. For example, this is the site full of multiple announcements?

As you can see from this data, people don’t like to see ads on websites. They can damage a brand’s credibility. You may want to avoid hitting blogs that contain an overwhelming amount of advertisements.

As I just commented, it’s best to start your search with blogs relevant to your brand.

But just because a website is relevant and has the same target audience as you do not mean you should write for it.

Do some research.

You want to find sites that already have a lot of web traffic. It will be a waste of time if you write for sites that nobody reads.

In addition to advertisements, there are other ways to find out if a blog is credible. For starters, if it’s a big brand known and recognized as an authority in your industry, chances are it already has a lot of traffic.

If you are unsure of this, look at the engagement of your blog posts. See the comments section. Are people interested?

Look at its frequency of publication.

If a blog posts only one new post per month, you can assume that it does not have a broad audience that generates a lot of traffic.

But bloggers who post more frequently report better engagement results.

How about your unique voice?

A guest post is not the time to relax on quality. It is the opposite.

Unlike readers of your website, this new audience still doesn’t know who you are. You didn’t win them.

They may be sceptical because they read something different from what they are used to. You have to recognize that these readers can criticize the way you write.

Don’t drop them. Your guest messages should be an exact reflection of the words on your site. Do not act to be something that you are not, or what is not natural in you.

If your writing style is generally fun or sarcastic, continue to use this unique style. Just make sure it’s done tastefully. The last thing you want to do is to target someone or damage your brand. This will not help you get more traffic to the site.

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