Guest Posting in Year 2020: A 6 Step Guide to Successful Link Placement

There is a common misconception that Guest posting is a simple link building tactic that quickly becomes obsolete. Even though this is a link building strategy, posting guests offers a lot more, and let me clarify, and that is not going to shake up anytime soon.

While posting guests helps protect backlinks from relevant websites, you can also gain brand recognition, referral traffic, and authority on the web.

Linking is essential because Google considers it one of the crucial factors in ranking your website in the SERP.

Google has set specific guidelines for the quality of guest posts and backlinking activities, so it will penalize any site that handles low-quality guest posts or link-building events.

Therefore, you must conduct guest posting activities with due care and caution. These guidelines are discussed below in the article.

Since you can’t ignore the importance of posting guests to help your site generate traffic and leads, here is a 6-step guide to secure links, traffic, and authority for specific websites to niches of high authority.

Determine your guest’s posting goals

Before learning the guidelines for guest blogging, you must first determine why you want to blog for guests. In general, website owners perform guest posting activities to position themselves as an authoritative site in their niche or to create quality backlinks to generate leads.

If you are trying to reach any of the above goals or trying to reach all of the goals, you need to find high-quality blogs that have a broad audience and are open to accepting guest posts. You can check the domain authority of a particular website using Small SEO Tools or Website SEO Checker if you are more focused on creating backlinks. This will help you create a blog list where you can do your guest posting activities.

Find the opportunity for Guest blogging

The first thing to do is to find sites in your niche with competent domain authority. You should also explore these sites and find out what user engagement looks like and how often they are published on the Guest blog. Does the public comment on publications? Are guest articles widely shared on social media?

Relevancy is important when looking for guest posting opportunities. If you’re from the auto industry, you can’t play a deal with a gardening website, even if you have a high user engagement and a commendable DA. This is how you can start looking for guest posting opportunities in your niche from scratch.

Google search

What could be a better way to find guest posting opportunities than using Google search to search for keywords such as “guest posting,” “submit a guest posting,” “guest posting sites” ‘guest, “guest publication guidelines, “etc.

There is another technique known as Google Reverse Image Search, in which you copy the link of the image of a famous author into your niche (from the author’s biography) and paste it into the Google image search option. The result will give you a list of all the websites on which the author has published articles.

Connections with other guest bloggers

Do you know a guest blogger in your sector? If you read your niche blogs often, you may know those who blog frequently. If you do a quick Google search for “Guest Post By (enter blogger name),” you’ll find the sites these top bloggers have posted their content on, and you can contact those sites to submit a guest posting.

Backlink competitors

If you have already done a backlink analysis on a competitor, you have likely found backlinks that your competitor has obtained in a guest post. Tools like Open Site Explorer also help you consult your competitors’ backlinks to locate the sites for which they have written guest articles.

Social research

Another effective way to find out about guest blogging opportunities on different websites is through social media. You can publish your needs on social networks, and any site that accepts guest posts may contact you, or you can do an online search to find out if there are any guest post requirements available.

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