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04 Awesome Tips to Set Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest posting is beneficial for both bloggers and guest bloggers.

If you are a blogger, it helps you get great free content; Second, for a guest blogger, it offers a free backlink and a free blog brand. You don’t need to get significant traffic and rankings unless the guest post is high quality and ready to go. And if you have proper planning for guest blog marketing, you can generate not only serious traffic but also very targeted traffic.

Having a guidelines page for sending guest posts will help reduce the risk of spam and unnecessary articles. When you decline a blog post, you can redirect users to the guidelines page of your guest post to tell them what they did wrong and what type of guest post you are accepting.

How to define your guidelines for Guest posting?

First, get a landing page for your guests’ posting guidelines.

Without a doubt, letting the user submit the guest post from the WordPress dashboard helps you get more content and saves you time.

The downside to keeping your WordPress registration open is that it allows spam users to register.

Now start with your guest posting page:

Give users a reason to submit a guest post to your blog. Let them know how they will benefit from sending guest posts, such as:

  • Brand image
  • Free backlinks

Any other benefits, such as income sharing or monetary benefits.

Your blog stats

How many guest bloggers participated?

It will also encourage users to submit more of the articles.

The original and unique content is the real king.

This statement is true because “content is king.” More content will give you more traffic and vice versa. This is only true when you post high-quality content on your blog. It doesn’t matter if you or a guest author writes it, but as an editor, it’s your role to filter between good and harmful guest posts.

Accept unique content primarily written for your blog audience. Make sure; The article is well written, formatted, and well documented. You can encourage users to add videos, slideshows to share, or unique images to make the article more attractive.

If you don’t set this policy, people will benefit from being eager to get a backlink. They can even submit copied/visited posts that will affect the reputation and ranking of your website. Mention that there is no space for spam messages and non-optimized content on your website.

Don’t Include affiliate links and referrals in a guest post:

The second guideline should not be the submission of referral/affiliate links in messages. If you allow guest bloggers to submit referral links in posts, this can enable your visitors to harm your website.

Since the guest post submission currency will change the marks and backlinks to make your blog a quality mullah, furthermore, you cannot limit the affiliate link to be continued, etc. This can damage the reputation of your blog.

Suppose if a visitor gets caught on these referral links and then discovers that they have been cheated, they will accuse your website of being cheated and may never return. So, in seconds, the guideline is “A big no to referral links.”

Website niche:

Only accept guest posts similar to your blog niche, to avoid any SEO penalties like Penguin. You can mention the type of backlinks it offers and the type of niche it links to.

If you want to control SEO spam from the guest post, be sure to offer a brand backlink instead of an SEO-optimized backlink.

This will ensure that a guest blogger who submits an article to your Blog do it for exposure and not just for a backlink. Plus, with these guest posting guidelines, you’ll avoid receiving a guest post request from an unknown niche.

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